Learn anything with personalized AI.

Don't waste your learning time. Endless teaches exactly what you want, in the style that works best for you.


How it works

The Endless method

Tell us what you want to learn
Specify exactly what you want - you can even give the AI an outline for more customization.
Pick your learning style
Adapt every course by adding in videos, images, exercises, and more. Make the course fit how you learn.
Follow your curiosity
Our courses are dynamic, just like your learning journey. Take notes, highlight, and add new blocks.
Chat with your tutor
Add in a chat block to ask questions and explore the material with your AI tutor.
See the sources
Explore the sources behind the course to learn more.
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Take their word for it

Just built my first course. Transparently, was skeptical at first but then I looked at the first lesson and my jaw dropped.

Definitely a "holy shi*" moment.

Bookmarked and will use/share.

This is great Vik - really delivers on the "AI is your new tutor" promise.

Big hurdle when I want to learn about something new is to find out where to start ... this tool is so great for that!

Wow. That's just mindblowing.

The perfect place to learn.

Gave it a try with a tennis course which I am currently learning. Very exciting to imagine where this product can go if this is the start. Possibilities are endless :)

Works like a charm

I've been skeptical of traditional conversational AI capabilities within the education space for some time and sought promise through Generative AI. While I anticipated many of the use cases applied within Endless Academy, the modular / block-based approach, melding of multiple AI models and services, and UI intelligently fused into a creative new market offering truly blew me away.

Learning style

Choose your blocks

By mixing and matching blocks, you can customize every course to your learning style.

AI Chat
Get instant help from an AI chatbot. You can chat right in the course, and have branching chats, too.
Practice concepts as you learn. You can submit your answer and get feedback.
Watch a video explaining a concept. The videos are focused, so you don't waste time.
Visualize concepts on-demand, and add some flavor to the course.
Get a real-world application of a concept. This helps you understand concepts from multiple angles.
Write and save your own notes. This is useful for restating concepts in your own words as you learn.
See a breakdown of a concept. Diagrams show how complex concepts tie together.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question? Post it in our community Q&A and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is Endless free?
It's completely free to get started with Endless. There is a limit on how many courses you can create each month. You can upgrade to the pro plan to remove this limit.
How does it work?
We use multiple AI models (inluding LLMs) to construct a personalized course. The AI models pull in source information from high-quality resources to reduce inaccuracies. Information may still not be 100% accurate, so consult the sources in each lesson if you have concerns.
Can I use Endless with a group?
You can use Endless with your team, class, or organization. Check out our pricing page for more details.